Archie Tinelli, Ph.D.
Leadership Development That Works

               I teach, but never in a boring or theoretical way

I learned a long time ago that the best seminars and workshops engage and challenge the participants by having them work on problems and issues that reflect their real work.

  • I spend a lot of time figuring out what their work is like before I create real-life scenarios for them to work on.  I never, ever rely on off-the-shelf products.  I always start fresh, building programs that mirror what the participants face at work.
  • I make the participants engage by having them work on teams to think through and plan for how to address issues, by having them do role plays which require them to use new knowledge and skills, and by having them provide one another with immediate feedback in order to have them evaluate and improve on their performance.
  • I ensure that the participants have to reflect on who they are and what they’ve learned so that they understand what they are like as leaders and what they can do to improve their leadership.

Participants in my programs are better prepared to deal with the challenges they face when they go back to work. 


“I didn’t know what to expect, so I brought my smart phone with me thinking I could check my work email or text friends.  I never got the chance, we were kept busy the whole time.”

“He had us work on problems that were just like what we do at work.”

“Archie provided simple, specific suggestions that I could put to use immediately.”

“Sometimes when you go to a workshop, you might learn something useful and relevant.  In other programs, you might learn about yourself.  In Archie’s class, I learned both.”

“I had always thought that leadership was pretty much the same for everyone.  Not anymore.  Archie helped me to realize that we each lead a little differently and that it’s up to us to figure out how we can become a better leader in a way that fits who we are and where we work.”

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