Archie Tinelli, Ph.D.
Leadership Development That Works
                           Archie Tinelli
                        Leadership Development Consultant

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”


The focus of my work is to help leaders make a difference and become a better leader in the process. 







I've been a leadership development consultant for quite a while now, more than 30 years.  In that time, I have noticed that a lot of programs and initiatives fail to produce the intended results, often because they aren't relevant, reliable, and realistic. 

In my work, I fit the solution to the need, ensuring that the results are delivered, as intended.

To do that, I always custom build programs for my clients.

My clients know that I will create and deliver innovative programs and services that are:

  • Relevant – The best leadership development programs address and solve key business issues.  That is what I do, by understanding the most important organizational challenges and opportunities and creating innovative initiatives that help leaders to deal with them now.
  • Reliable – Leadership development should deliver results that matter to the business.  That is what I do, by making sure that the programs and initiatives provide specific skills and knowledge that are easy to understand and readily implemented so that the impact on the organization is immediate and visible.
  • Realistic – Every leadership development program ought to make sense for the organization.  That is what I do, by assessing the organizational culture and history to ensure that the programs I create fit within the existing set of practices and expectations.   

My clients have included: ExxonMobil, State Farm Insurance, CGI Group, SRA International, USAID, Abbott Point of Care, ATPCO, The American Red Cross, AARP, The Department of the Navy, and Booz Allen Hamilton.


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